Monday, January 30, 2012

The Perfect PC

What is the Perfect PC? Can there be such a thing? Is it the most powerful and expensive PC?

The answers are: Yes, Yes, and NO.

Maybe a Little Too Much ...

Just a Little Too Old...

So what would be just right?

Your Perfect PC is the best PC for your needs configured  properly. One for which very good choices have been made. One that waits for you, and not one for which you are always waiting. The Perfect PC has the right Operating System, Security Software, Application Software. The Perfect PC is backed up regularly and reliably to rock-solid, bootable, instant-restore media.

OK. You get the idea.

Why do I go on and on about this?

Because many people who could own their Perfect PC -- it's financially within their grasp -- don't.

And they end up paying for it in some other way:

By losing all of their data at some point, or every day, by waiting around for a badly configured or underpowered computer to do what it is asked, or by getting infected and having to pay, sometimes hundreds of dollars, to get it cleaned up.

Many people own an Almost Perfect PC, that is so close to being perfect and then ... they don't complete it.

Don't be one of those people.

Your Perfect PC will not let you down, because it has been set up to keep you safe and sound.

It is backed up to bootable media. Also check out "Bring In The Clones."

It is protected by powerful security software.

It is clean and kept in a well ventilated area.

It has a modern multi-core processor that can keep up with internet and graphical demands. Item 8)

It has 4 GB or more memory. See above

It's not more than 5 or 6 years old.

It is owned by someone who has plans for disaster -- what will you do if the hard drive fails, if it is infected with a virus, or if the motherboard fries?

Can you answer those questions?

What will you do if you main system hard drive fails? How will you get back up and running? How long will it take you?

Who will disinfect your system if you pick up a virus or a worm? Can you do it yourself? What will it cost for someone else to do it?

What is the plan if the motherboard goes up in smoke? Will you replace the computer or just the board?

Let's answer these questions ahead of time so we aren't spinning our wheels when the bad stuff happens.

By the way, a whole lot of my time is spent fixing problems for people who Have Not answered these questions ahead of time ...



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