Monday, February 6, 2012

Expired!!! --- By Request -- The 2 Best Deals in Windows Laptops Since Last Thanksgiving

Note: The Coupon Code Deals Have Expired for these 2 HP Laptops. Sorry. I'll let you know when they are back!

HP dv7 Little but Cheap and Powerful

HP dv6 Even Littler but Still Cheap and Powerful

I've gotten some emails pestering, er ... asking me what are the best Laptop computers to buy right now, and the interesting thing is the 2 machines I am going to recommend have been showing up with unadvertised Coupon Codes for some months now, and they are REALLY the best deals around. You can get more expensive machines, but not much more powerful ones, and they are, the HP dv7tqe  and dv6tqe laptops. Remember, Power equals Longevity.

With the rapidly increasing demands that the internet, networking, and bigger and more CPU-intensive apps place on computers, it doesn't take long for today's mid-range PC to become tomorrow's obsolete turtle of a computer. Luckily the dv7tqe, and its sibling the dv6tqe will last for a good long time. You could pay a little less, but you'd get a lot less.

 OK, to the discounted computers: The HP dv7tqe and dv6tqe laptops differ primarily in that the 7 has a 17" screen and the 6, a 15.6"  screen. Either can be upgrade from the standard 720P screen to a 1080P full HD display. They are, after discount, with free delivery, but not including tax, $600 and $700 respectively.

Inside they are nearly the same computer with the Intel 2nd Generation Quad Core I7-2620M 8 thread CPU, 8GB of RAM, USB 3, WiFi N and Win7 Home Premium. 

The discount codes for both are:


which you need to enter at checkout to get the $450 discount.

The links are, for the dv6 and dv7:


These deals are for a few days only and can disappear at any time, but ... may reappear just as suddenly. Who can tell? Still they are great deals for great machines.

Either one you choose you can't go wrong.

These deals come to you courtesy of TechBargains.

Check them out; they do have great unadvertised deals.

Happy Shopping!


Photo Credits: HP gets the credit for the Tiny Little Thumbnail Photos

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