Thursday, March 23, 2017

Update On Bootable Backups for Windows: Answers and Info on Software and Hardware

To Boot or Not to Boot, That is the Question

OK, Which Offers Better Protection?
Bootable Backups

So here are some of the links and and references for software and hardware referred to in the talk at the Kinnelon Library earlier this month:

Backup Software:

From Future Systems: Casper 10 and Casper Secure Drive Backup

From NTI: NTI Backup Now EZ 5.1

Remember that the NTI Software also comes with the Toshiba Canvio Connect II Series of USB 3 External Drives available in 1 to 3 TB capacities -- so you get the software at no additional charge for the cost of the drive, and includes image (bootable) backup. archival (file) backup, and social media backup, but not secure (encrypted) backup

Both can be automated to the schedule of your choice.

Below are some choices for a complete external backup system, such as the Toshiba Canvio II, or separate drive docks and drives for desktops with 3.5" drives and laptops with 2.5" drives. They can be mixed and matched if you like.

If the images ARE TOO SMALL to READ, just click on the link in RED below the picture.

Available at Amazon
Click Here
Laptop Drive -- Seagate High Performance

Desktop Drive -- WD 5 TB High Performance

External USB 3.0 Drive Dock for 3.5" Desktop Drive

External USB 3.0 Drive Case for 2.5" Laptop Drive

Once you have installed the Cloning Software above you can make an exact copy of your Boot Drive -- your C: drive -- and test your ability to boot from it. Reboot your computer and press the function key for your make of PC per the helpful link below as the machine starts to reboot.

Following is a link for common boot menu function keys per PC Maker for laptops and desktop computers so that you can boot your machine from the image backup on system drive failure or for testing:

Good Luck!

Next talk at the Kinnelon Library will happen at 7:00 PM March 29, 2017. See you!

1) What Are They? Hint: You Can Boot Your Computer From Them When Your Drive Fails!

2) Why You Need Them: Duh!

3) How to Make Them

4) Where and How to Buy Backup Drives and Drive Cases.

5) Why You Should Buy Your Own Drive and Case and not a Pre-Packaged External Drive

6) How to Get Up and Running after a System Drive Failure in Just a Few Minutes.

We will also talk about infection eradication strategies and what you need to have on hand to deal with surprises -- time permitting.

See you there!


PS: This talk pertains to PCs running Windows 10, 8, and 7

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