Wednesday, March 28, 2018

It's Complicated! Internet TV! Streaming Video! TV and Movies Everywhere: Your Phone! Tablet! Computer! EEEK! Talk at the Kinnelon Library Mar 28 2018 at 7 PM

Cable? or Streaming Video? or Internet TV?

You Choose!

What is it, or what are they? They can be Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast Devices and Boxes, etc., with and without Remote Control, and it is Software and Subscriptions from aggregators and providers like Netflix and YouTube and DirecTV, all of which let let you watch TV Channels and Movies without a Cable Subscription either thru your computer with an internet connection or thru your Smart TV (an Internet enabled and connected TV) with Apps from the Providers, or a USB Device or External Box which may come with a Remote.

What are the drawbacks?

If you don't have Cablevision/Optimum the drawbacks are you don't get everything in one place and it isn't necessarily easy to DVR programs and series in advance.

Clunky integration with your TV, some of the time.

What are the advantages?

Other services can save you a lot of money. Especially if you don't want a lot of want a lot of the cable shows. And if you choose right, you can get just-released stuff sooner than you would with cable for not much more, or no more money.

What should you look for?

First of all, you want to see good reviews from users. Check the major mag and service reviews of the services, such as those from PC Magazine and take a look at not only the editors' opinions, but also the users.

A lot of what people complain about really has to do with the underlying internet they are using, an d not the actual program service they have subscribed to. Although not always.

Remember that you are dropping cable tv, not cable internet.

Cable internet for those of us in this area or with Verizon FIOS is excellent and fast even at the slower speeds when compared with what is the bandwidth required for tv.

So this list above is from searching on "internet tv"

So where to go next? Let's see what's recommended:

So if you are a cord-cutter -- that is you are dropping cable and want a cheaper alternative, you have 3

DirecTV Now (AT&T) -- However, there is a gotcha: unless you have a Smart TV with built-in Amazon FireTV or ROKU capability you cannot just use/download a DirecTV app you will have to get a supported device that they list. You may get a good deal if you are an ATT customer already. And right now they have a $10 per mo. intro offer which auto jumps to $35/mo unless you cancel ahead of time.

Sling TV is supported on most Smart TVs incl Samsung

YouTubeTV is supported as well.

What if you have an older TV, with no SMARTS -- well, then you should get a smart TV 'cause your life will be easier. But if not you can get a USB device such as ROKU, Amazon FireTV, or ChromeCAST or ??? and it will add internet capability for streaming from your router and a remote for navigation

Here a shots of some of the offers:

DirecTV Now

Sling Offer

YouTubeTV Offer -- FREE! :)

So what's next?

So we will have a discussion of this stuff tonite at the KPL, Mar 28, 2018!

Call the Kinnelon Library at 973 838 1321 and reserve a spot.

See you there!


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Talk at the Kinnelon Library Wednesday, Jan 24@ 7 PM on Computer Disaster Recovery -- Quick and Complete -- How to Do It!

Taking Care of Your Computer: Disaster Recovery
No Matter How You Got There!
I will be giving a talk at the Kinnelon Public Library, Wednesday, Jan 24, at 7 PM, which is the first of such talks this year, roughly a month apart, and this month it will be on the subject of Disaster Recovery!
  • From Lightning Strikes to Hardware Failure, What to Do
  • How to Plan for the Worst
  • What Steps to Take in Advance
  • How to Restore Your Working Environment
  • How to Protect Your Data
  • How to Be Up and Running again Quickly, even in Minutes
  • Real World Examples that Have Happened to Me! Lightning ... !
This is the Kinnelon Library's description of the talk:

"Computer Class-Wednesday, January 24 at 7:00 pm-Ted Whittemore of Kinnelon Computers returns to the Kinnelon library with his monthly computer classes

This month he (that's me) will be talking about System Maintenance and Recovery for Win 7 thru Win 10, with the emphasis on Win 10, including Updates, Backup and License Restoration. Be the Boss, learn how to take care of your computer and tell it what to do and avoid Surprises! Bring a fully-charged laptop, if you have one. To register, or for more information, call 973-838-1321 or click on Adult Program Registration."

Plus -- As Always -- Ask Your Questions about Your Computer and Computer Related Problems, such as:

1) Is my machine too old? When do I need a new machine?

2) How can I "pin" that program to my Taskbar, and what is a "Gadget?"

3) Why does my computer ... ?

4) If you have a laptop with a problem, bring it along and we'll take a quick look.

5) Questions and on-the-spot diagnosis will be limited by the time available!!!

All of you Kinnelon and North Jersey people, and everybody else, are welcome to come.

Call the Kinnelon Library at 973 838 1321 and reserve a spot.

See you there!


PS: This talk pertains to PCs running Windows 10, 8, and 7

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