Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Software -- Protect Yourself and More for Free or For Less

See? You do need protection!
Last week we talked about the hardware, but what are some really good deals on software? Especially software everyone needs. First -- some fairly cheap, then some free. The two utilities I'm talking about are AVG Free, which costs nothing, doesn't bug you, and outperforms many commercial and costly Anti-Virus programs, and Norton 360 version 5, which is arguably the very best commercial personal security software, with not only great anti-virus but also a great firewall, and it's not noisy, either. We use both around here.

Did you know that you can almost always get Norton 360 v5 or whatever version for 1/2 price, just for asking? You have to ask at the back door, though. Don't mind? Me neither. Especially since, when you just to to Norton you will pay either the list price of $80 or a slightly discounted $60. The trick is to search or "Google" for "Norton 360 cheap". Yes, it is that simple. Amongst the listed items presented will be one from Symantec or Norton itself, in this case, offering Norton Anti-Virus 2012 for $30, Norton Internet Security 2012 for $35, or or Norton 360 v 5.0 for $40. This is a 3-license deal valid for 3 PCs and one owner.

Today, as I write this you can do even better, and get another $10 off at Staples for either the download or boxed CD version (with free shipping) -- Norton 360 v 5.0 at Staples. $30 bucks. Great deal. This won't always be around though, but the Norton backdoor for 50% off has been, for almost all of 2011 and 2010. Just like Santa, I've been watching!

Don't want to pay anything??? Zero, nada, zip??? OK. I can't get you Norton, but I can recommend absolutely free AV software that will do a great job, won't bother you with annoying announcements all of the time, and that you can download and install at no charge -- AVG Free 2012. Click on the green CNET bar in the middle of the page.

I see you've put up your holiday lights!
So how does that car insurance ad on TV go? You decide what you want to pay!


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PS: Look at the top photo -- Computer Viruses don't spread to humans, but I can get you a great deal on a pair of glasses that will help you when you are .. oh, never mind.

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