Monday, December 5, 2011

How to Buy a New Computer for Holiday 2011 -- It's Cyber December!

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Think you missed all of the good deals by not buying that laptop on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, or Sale Hangover Tuesday??? Think again! You didn't miss much, really. Yeah, stock thinned out, and some of those laptop and desktop computers are gone for the moment -- but, I'll let you in on a secret -- that stock will come back in a few days, and so will the deals and sale prices. Here's how to get the machine you want and some suggestions for choices.

First of all, you do know that the best prices for top tier systems from Dell, HP, and other makers can almost always be found at the non-advertised coupon sites, right? No? You should. Always, always, always go to:

and you can always Google for more. Think of these sites as discount aggregators, where you can find all of the available discounts in one place.

You will find coupon codes, and multiple coupon codes good for discounts and stackable discounts on the computers and the shipping.

These codes are not advertised, they are often limited-use, and they expire, so you need to get them and use them if you want the discount. But, if you don't, that discount or a similar one may come back after a week or 2.

For instance, here is a great top-of-the line laptop we purchased recently from HP:  -- 33% discount! Just for copying a code!

If the link doesn't come up, it means this deal is gone! But you can find another for this particular laptop at the main TechBargains site link above.

And if you think you do not need a state-of-art Intel Quad Core machine, you should remember that, now more than ever, power equals longevity -- the more powerful your new machine, the longer it will remain useful.

But there are other nice computers to find as well, and not only computers, but all kinds of stuff, from GPS devices to Monitors, TVs, and so on.

Check them out.

Remember what Santa always says:

Never pay Retail!

He said that, right?


Well, it's still true.

Ho, ho, ho!


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