Monday, December 12, 2011

2 Computers that Offer Great Bang for the Buck -- Powerful Enough to Last for a While

Anyone who has owned an older computer knows how pathetic an experience using that old machine can be. A good solid mid-range computer from 5 years ago that seemed like a sensible choice at the time, with a good balance of price vs speed, can't really do much. Maybe it can run one program at a time, surf a little bit, run a word processor, but not a lot more. Why is that? Well, new programs are bigger and take up more memory, put more demands on the CPU, and require more graphics processing power. And even worse, the pace at which that is happening is increasing. Which means that the sensible choice for a machine that has to last, is no longer so sensible -- you need a more powerful machine than you think you do.

My 2 favorites at this moment are based on Intel's new 2nd gen Core i7 CPU -- for laptops, the 2670M or its siblings, and for desktops, the 2600.

2 reasonably priced machines, a desktop, and a laptop, available now, at a discount, that I like a lot are the:

HP h8xt, which comes fully equipped with the Core i7 2600 processor, 8 GB of RAM and all of the goodies you need including a 15 month Norton Internet Security Subscription, Blu-Ray, free shipping and so on for about $850.

This is a great deal. You migh want to add a bigger power supply (I would) or an extended warranty, but that's up to you:

and the :

HP dv7tqe, which comes with the Intel Core i7 2670QM mobile processor, a 17.3in 1080p screen and  Blu-Ray, etc, and more for about $900.

This is another great deal and takes about $500 off the list price of the laptop, and is based on an  unadvertised coupon code that you can get through TechBargains:

Note you have to copy the discount code and enter it in the coupon code box at checkout.

Both of these machines are available as I write this, but can disappear at any time.

Also, since it is true now more than ever before, that *** Power = Longevity *** these machines will last you a while, too.

Nothing says Happy Holidays like buying well and keeping the change.

Happy Holidays!


Photo credits: My screen captures at HP

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