Thursday, December 11, 2008

Building Your Own State-of-the-Art Computer Part 1 of 4

Many of the people maintaining a small business network of computers and their related equipment are not computer professionals, but business persons drafted by necessity into the care of the systems on which their livelihood depends.

Nevertheless, it is possible to take pleasure in the equipment and the care of it, and of course there is more pleasure to be had when the problems and the pain are small. One of the pleasures you can have, as your skill grows, is in the making and using of a machine you have built yourself.

It's not that hard.

Those of us who maintain systems have had to do enough minor surgery over the years, so that we know how to replace drives, cards, power supplies, memory, and so on, and it's not such a stretch to take some well chosen parts and cobble together a very nice system indeed.

It may or may not be cost-effective, although I think it can be. It will take time, but mostly time well spent. It's true that you do not get a warranty on the system and you can't buy a same-day on-site warranty for your own computer, but any part that fails will be under the maker's warranty, and you can do the repair or replacement yourself. Right?

Right. Just for fun, I'm going to compare 2 very nice systems from Dell Computer, one high end, and one moderate in price and construction with owner-built systems from off-the-shelf parts, and see how they add up.

Stay tuned for Part 2...

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