Monday, April 23, 2012

The Talk -- The Best Free PC Software of 2012 -- Part 3, Talk at the Kinnelon Library Wed. April 11 7 PM

I meant to get this posted last week -- sorry!

Thank you, all of you, who came to the Wednesday evening talk at the library. I especially enjoyed the discussion started by the gentleman who found his computer infected after searching online for "Beaver Scat!" I can't make this stuff up! As promised, following is a slideshow of the presentation you saw.
Do remember, any of you who want to subscribe to the Working Computers Blog, just go the right hand side of the page and look for the "Enter Your Email Address" box and click on "Subscribe", or click on the "Subscribe in a Reader" icon. The first choice will get you the once a week articles on computer use and maintenance problems you face as a home or small business user. The 2nd will allow you to see the articles in your RSS reader -- if you do not know what that is, make the First Choice!I want to emphasize the you can search for your own Free Software, and the links included near the end of the slide show for PC Magazine and CNET are good places to start.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email at the address to the right.
Take Care of Your Computer Part 4 -- The Top 10 Best Free Software Programs of 2012 So Far

The next Talk at The Kinnelon Library will be Thursday, May 24 (was May 17) at 7 PM on:

How to Work on Your Own PC, plus Open Mike – Ask Your Questions
Including Buying and Replacing Hardware -- Adding Memory to your Desktop or Laptop, Replacing a Power Supply, a CD/DVD/BluRay Drive, a Video Card and so on … 
Where to buy the Computer Hardware and What to Buy -- or if you want someone else to fix your computer,  who to get, where to get them, what to pay.
Plus How to Clean Your PC – It gets Dirty, You Know, and That Can Kill Your Computer
And, Ask Your Questions about Your Computer and Computer Related Problems

See you then!

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