Thursday, November 5, 2009

Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 7 … Sigh …

All right; Windows 7 seems to be a pretty good OS – Having used the commercial release for over a week now I have to say, it is everything Vista should have been, and almost was, ever since Service Pack 2, just a few months back.

I have very mixed feelings about Windows 7. First, I think it should be free to every Vista owner out there, partly in payment for the 2 years of misery Microsoft inflicted on us with Vista and Vista SP1, and finally because, under the hood, Windows 7 really is Vista done right.

All of that hardware specific plumbing and compatibility is still Vista, just fixed, and it was earned at our expense. Every Vista crash, every Windows Explorer cascading program failure, and buggy driver that was fixed in the 3 odd year Vista Beta Test of Windows 7, was paid for by end-users every day. Thank goodness we had reliable XP systems to shoulder the load for the painfully UNRELIABLE Vista Systems.

But for crying out loud, to have to pay a full upgrade price to escape from that bad dream seems like adding insult to injury.

I have seen a couple of Windows 7 odd behaviors – weird System Tray (now known as the Notification Area, thank you very much) stuff like hiding icons even when they’ve been told to stay put – having to restart programs which are already running – and, yes, one cascade failure of Windows Explorer.

Still, Windows 7 is everything Vista was not, and should have been, and I know Microsoft is happy with it – I mean, they got us to pay for it twice.


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Stephanie Weaver said...

Come over to Mac. Put yourself out of your misery!

Ted Whittemore said...

Annoyed as I get with Microsoft, I find Macs a little staid for my taste (There! Ive said it!). Plus I've never figured out real cost of ownership. For similar performance, Macs cost about 2X as much. PCs have a higher Spin-Your-Wheels, Waste-Your Time with PC nonsense crap factor. But, PCs can be overclocked like crazy, and geezus I love a cranking PC, and then I love the huge PC Hardware and software marketplace. To me, PCs are the Wild West, and Macs are Victorian England. That's my analogy and I'm sticking to it!

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